Post 1: Welcome to my random thoughts. (Let me know if you can relate)

Welcome to post 1 where you will get a glimpse of how my mind works on a daily basis (Yes from when I wake up to when I sleep). Here we go!

Phase 1: Waking up

Okay so when I wake up in the morning, that’s when my mind is very calm and relaxed. It starts off confused (no clue if I have work, a class, or if I should just call it a day and go back to sleep). After being confused for a good 15 minutes, it starts to gather some questions. My mind is full of curiosity and questions, it will start to think about the pros and cons of getting up and somehow try to conduct a poll as to whether I should get up or not. Of course the poll results state that I should get up cus I need to get this bread! (I have no clue why I wrote that)

Phase 2: Morning jog

Don’t get yourself confused about me and my mind. How can you tell the difference? My mind jogs while I don’t. In the morning I tend to be very quiet just like any normal human being would be while my mind is already tying its shoes to start jogging. What do I mean by jogging? When I wake up my mind asks questions, procrastinate and all that jazz but as the day go, it starts to transition from asking me questions to giving me a reality check. “Hey you’re late for class”, “Hey you’re broke”, “I know you’re trying to save your money but you’d probably spend it on something stupid again today.” Stuff like starts to tell me the five W’s: what’s your reality and what’s your fantasy, when are you gonna do this/do that?, where are you going today?, and how are you going to meet your goals today? The funny thing is that my chatty mind will go through this process while I’m already doing the first task of the day (that could be whatever).

Phase 3: Afternoon coffee

In the morning, my body is lazy and relaxed while my mind is very chatty but in the afternoon, my body and my mind switch mind will calm down while my body is preoccupied with activities. This is the time when my random thoughts will start creeping in. I could be doing something related to work, school, or whatever I’m doing but my mind would be thinking about how my life would look like if I was born as a puppy instead of being born a human. Basically, my mind is still chatty but instead of being chatty to keep me focused on what I’m doing, it’s being chatty just for the sake of being chatty. So this goes on throughout the day until it reaches the last phase.

Phase 4: Nightclub

After sitting at a coffee shop for half a day, my mind will head over to the nightclub to burn off all the caffeine it devoured. “Wild” that’s the only word that I can think of when I think about the things that I think about at night time (that was a lot of thinking). As much as I enjoy relaxing at night time, my mind does the opposite. Here’s a glimpse: “Why are you living in this place and time?”, “are you sure you want to be a photographer and graphic designer?”, “maybe you’re adopted” mind feeds me those thoughts and continues to torture me mentally until it gets kicked out of the nightclub (when I pass out).

Honestly, I know I’m not the only one whose mind works like this but it just gets tiring you know? Like I wonder how my life would be like if my mind worked differently? (see what I did there?)

Abe Bailon
Abe Bailon

Just a random guy who enjoys doing lots of things and who wants to become a legendary photographer and graphic designer.

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